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      Engagement Models

      Infopulse works for your comfort and advantage, providing different types of engagement models to fit the changing requirements of your business.

      With us, there is no need for you to invest into expensive in-house packaging resources and infrastructure.

      SLA-Based Delivery

      • No utilization risk
      • Minimum investment risk and high level of scalability
      • One price for all complexities and technologies
      • Volume discounts
      • Urgent orders and tight deadlines are business as usual for us
      • Minimum ramp up time (1-2 weeks)

      Other Models

      • Pay as you go
      • Time & Material
      • Salary-Based
      • Fixed Price
      • On-Site

      In-House vs. Infopulse Application Packaging

      • Reduced Salary Costs of FTEs
        No need in keeping a team of packaging engineers on board.
      • Reduced Infrastructure Costs
        Whole service is hosted and performed on the Infopulse hardware environment.
      • Reduced License Costs for Packaging Tools
        Infopulse delivers packaging services using its own product PACE Suite. The license costs for PACE Suite are included into the package price. No expensive products are needed to be purchased additionally.

      Advantages of engaging with us

      • Saving costs (office, equipment, salaries)
      • Tailored infrastructure already in place
      • Delivering 24/7
      • Flexibility in cost models
      • Efficient reporting platforms
      • Fast and efficient application deployment
      • Total security throughout the whole process