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      Why Working with Infopulse

      Delivering world-class services in Application Packaging and Virtualization, Software Engineering, IT Operations, and Cybersecurity, Infopulse has built a 25+ year reputation as a trusted full-service solution provider, working globally with local presence across Europe and North America.

      We deliver long-term value for your business by:

      • Vast experience in application packaging and virtualization as a market leader;
      • Reduction of application management costs;
      • Standardization of routines and processes based on best practice;
      • Windows migration projects done in time and on budget;
      • Minimization of software failure risks and user support requests;
      • Applications that meet corporate IT standards and security restrictions;
      • Utilization of innovative tools and technologies;
      • Transparent and optimal license management of applications;
      • Transparent change management in application packaging.

      World-leading products to exceed clients’ expectations

      During 15+ years of doing application packaging business, Infopulse has grown from a human resource supplier to a solution provider. In 2009, we made a strategic decision to create innovative products that would help improve application packaging performance and reduce costs. This resulted in the development of the following proprietary solutions: